Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Updates

National Conference
October 27-30 in beautiful Colorado Springs

Please keep the annual National Day of Prayer Leadership Summit in your prayers.

Praying people and NDP leaders from across the nation will be gathering next weekend. I am blessed and honored to represent Michigan and look forward to being officially commissioned as the new State Coordinator on Sunday.

The Call Detroit

Please join us in Detroit next month as thousands gather to fast and pray for our nation.

Amidst great darkness, a great light can shine. Detroit's desperation can produce a prayer that could shift our nation back to God.

November 11-12, 2011
24 hours, 6pm-6pm (Gates open at 4:30)

Ford Field
2000 Brush St
Detroit, Michigan 48226

[Click here] to complete your free registration (required).

My Prayers for Detroit

Detroit is a national leader and what happens in Detroit impacts our nation. With that in mind, I did a bit of research and am praying the following:

As "MOTOWN" released a sound that reached across the world, I pray that our united petitions will release a sound that shreds the kingdom of darkness and dispenses a light that ripples from our region to others.

As the "MOTOR CITY" mobilized the world, may we humble ourselves before the Lord and seek Him for healing in our anointed revival that will revitalize our communities and roll out some new and wonderful things for the Kingdom of God!

Also, I am praying in agreement with Detroit's two mottos (on the city's flag):

1. "We hope for better things"

2. "It will rise from the ashes."

A Bit of History...that hopefully repeats itself...

A fire in 1805 caused the entire city of Detroit to burn with the exception of one building. In the center of the Detroit city flag, a woman on the left weeps over the city's destruction, while a woman on the right gestures to the new city that will rise in its place.

We did it before and we can do it again!

Pray with me that a holy spiritual fire falls on the great city of Detroit that changes the very landscape and brings new life to our city and the mighty name of Jesus!

More prayer points and history to come! Let's connect on facebook and twitter...


Lori Wagner


A Michigan Resource for you!

In Michigan we have a unique and wonderful resource--the Michigan Capitol House of Prayer.

This is a blessing to our state, and it's yours to use. Fore more information, visit the "MICHOP" website at: