Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Report from The Summons

This past week was amazing! My husband and I were blessed to participate in The Summons in Washington DC. On behalf of the National Day of Prayer, we joined people from several organizations who gathered to pray for our nation.

While there, exactly 300 people (a modern-day Gideon's army) contacted their state's government officials/offices in the House and Senate -- giving them gifts of appreciation for their service and offering to pray with them. We also conducted solemn assemblies near the Washington Monument and in front of the Capitol building at the Upper Senate Park. In addition to scheduled activities, we prayer walked around DC and visited Mt. Vernon, the Pentagon, and enjoyed a private tour of the Capitol.

A couple of highlights: 

My husband and I finished our assignments in the House Office Building and had a couple of hours of free time. We walked to the Museum of American History and joined the tail end of a tour. The last stop inside was the Star Spangled Banner exhibit. I was so moved in the darkened room that housed this national treasure that after we exited I told my husband, "We have to go back. I just want to sit on the bench and pray."

What impacted me was the sight of the very standard that flew during a time of great strife. Our nation had been compromised by enemy forces. Yet through the night, the flag, the nation's banner still waved . . . bringing joy to those who saw it at dawn's early light. They knew they were winning when their banner remained raised.

As the set-apart nation of God, we Christians have a banner of our own. The Lord is our banner (Exodus 17:15)! And He is still in sight! Though the nation is compromised . . . though the night is dark and long . . . our banner of love still waves! And banners mark victory!

Seated in the Star Spangled Banner exhibit, I was encouraged, but at the same time felt a heaviness. I was thanking God for His righteous banner still waving in our world, while I was also compelled to pray, "Don't give up on America, Jesus!" Even in the Church, our "land" has been compromised -- the teachings of our Lord watered down, the consecrations of His people lacking. I began to pray:

Don't give up on us, dear Jesus! I see You! I want to be Your righteous bride! There is still in me both flaws and flesh . . . and in our nation, America has her flaws and failures . . . but don't give up on America! Don't give up on Your people!

It's not over yet!

One word spoken by a presenter at the conference was that in the biblical record when God was "finished" with a nation, prayer ceased. In America, God's people are still praying! Doesn't that encourage you? There is so much prayer going up it seems God just can't be "done" with our nation yet!

On Guard?

One more thing worth sharing from the conference was something I learned on the Pentagon tour. Coincidentally, in conjunction with this story, the "Old Guard" was having a convention at the same hotel hosting our event.

Since 1937 the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier has been guarded by a member of the Old Guard 24 hours a day -- regardless of weather, threat of terrorist attack or other factors. "Walking the mat" is a privilege attained by few elite soldiers. 

While touring the Pentagon, our guide (a member of the military) told us the badge bestowed on those who guard the Tomb is a rare honor, and the only badge that can be taken away due to the conduct of the soldier after receiving it. The example he gave was that if a member of the Old Guard, even after his term of service was complete, dishonored himself by receiving a DUI, he could be stripped of his award.

With that in mind, the conduct of the guards must be impeccable, especially while on duty. Our guide at the Pentagon told us that during Hurricane Irene a call was sent out for handcuffs to be delivered to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The thought was the conduct of the guard was inappropriate, but what was discovered when the handcuffs were delivered was that the guard on duty wanted to cuff himself to the rail so that if he was to perish in the hurricane his body would not be washed away.

I have no documentation of the story other than that it was told to me by a military officer on duty at the Pentagon during an official tour; but that, my friend, is dedication! That is commitment to service! I commend the members of the Guard for their diligence and sacrifice! 

As tears pooled in my eyes at the telling of this story, my thoughts turned again to the Church. The members of the Old Guard are willing to suffer to the point of their own harm to honor deceased soldiers they don't even know. What are you and I willing to sacrifice for our God? For those living among us? For our future generations?

Let's keep praying! Let's keep believing! Let's keep working while we have the opportunity! Stand for righteousness -- it's greater than "Old Glory!" It's God's glory; and it's my prayer the Lord reveals Himself yet again in a great revival in our hearts, our nation, our world!  

Speaking at the Summons General Session
Regardless of the results of the upcoming elections, our nation will still need prayer! Be on guard! Stay on your watch! Stand your ground! I believe our prayers and our commitments to live righteously unto the Lord in our generation can make a difference! Amen and amen!

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures! If you're on facebook, here's a link to our singing "Amazing Grace" in the rotunda of our Capitol:

With Lisa Crump, Director, NDP

Leading "Amazing Grace" in the Capitol Rotunda
The Wagners Prayer Walking the Capitol Grounds
With Senator Louie Gohmert of Texas
With Mrs. Shirley Dobson, NDPTF Chair
With Sue Stoltz, Midwest  National Area Leader
With Vonette Bright, NDPTF Founder
With many of the Midwest NDPTF
After prayer with Rep. Hansen Clarke's staff
At the first prayer event at the new MLK memorial
With Bishop Harry Jackson of High Impact Leadership Coalition
With Mr. & Mrs. Dave Butts of Harvest Prayer Ministries

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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