Thursday, July 13, 2017

Special Announcement - Cry Out America

A special announcement: 

The National Day of Prayer Task Force leadership is happy to announce that 
Cry Out America is a new initiative of the National Day of Prayer Task Force.

Coming up at a location near you. The Cry Out America Patriot Day 9/11 Observance. 

Now annually, we will have nationwide in every state, two statewide prayer observances.

1) The NDP Observance on the first Thursday of May and 
2)  Cry Out America Patriot Day 9/11 Observance.

Watch for details here or at our Face Book page Michigan,  for news about the COA Patriot Day 9/11 Observance. 

If you like to host a Patriot Day 9/11 Observance in your county please contact me and I will
put you in touch with the new COA Michigan Coordinator Marilyn Morrison.   

Cathy Braun
State Coordinator, Michigan
National Day of Prayer

ph. 517-927-7240