Wednesday, March 12, 2014


I have received so many special comments about our Inaugural Prayer Breakfast,
here's a few:  
"The best prayer meeting ever."  
"It was wonderful." 
"The Presence of God was so evident." 
"Esther called a prayer meeting."  
"The Lord said it was historic."  
"I am so glad I came."
"It was a divine appointment."   
"That was a powerful Word."

The Prayer Event:
The NDP-MI Prayer Breakfast at the Radisson in Lansing on March 10 was truly
historic.  Never has there been a prayer breakfast in downtown Lansing, where the
Word of the Lord and prayer was the complete focus.  Pastors and ministry leaders
from around the city were present and we had many from other areas of the State.
The Lord was pleased.  His Presence was very evident which of course, made it so
very special.

More Prayer Events:
I now see, that on our Event list there are several prayer breakfasts scheduled for
May 1.  For years, there have been large Prayer Breakfasts held in Traverse City and
in Rochester.

Listing Your Event:
If you have not entered your NDP - Michigan event on the website,
now is the time.

Enter the website and click on the Event tab, you can select Michigan and then all of the
prayer events scheduled for our State will be listed there.

It is a great way to keep us all informed about what you are planning for your community
and to increase participation and prayer.

Michigan Prayer Guide:
Be sure to place your order now for the Michigan Prayer Guide.  Contact Sylvia
Tubergen at 616-842-6414 or to order.
They are $12.50 per 100 plus the postage.