Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Our nation is in great need of prayer.  The annual National Day of Prayer is a time to be 
fully intentional to protect and exercise our freedom to publicly pray. 

We presently have 42 prayer events listed on the schedule for our State.  There is an increasing response as May 1st draws closer, as though it is an awakening.  

Pray about hosting a prayer time in your community.  

Go to the website and check under the Events tab and see if there is one 
scheduled near you. If there is not, is God calling you to plan a prayer event?  There is still 
time to organize a time to pray.  

First, pray and ask the Lord.  Then, look over the existing prayer events and the variety
listed will give you some creative ideas.  Review the national website regarding the 
resources available.  We also have a Michigan Prayer Guide that has been prepared for 
your use.  Ask the Lord who should speak during the prayer event.   

Need assistance? You may contact me and I will help get you started planning a prayer
time for your community. 

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