Thursday, May 1, 2014

May 1, 2014 - One Voice United in Prayer

God bless you all for hosting a prayer event.  The State of Michigan
was covered in prayer today.  At the Capitol building, County
Court houses, City Halls, Township Halls, and many other public and
private venues, we came together with One Voice United In Prayer.

Great job!

In Lansing, we had a powerful time in the Lord.  There were cool
temperatures and plenty of wind, and at times even a misting of rain,
but Jesus Christ did reign.

The most important thing is a platform for the Lord was prepared.
There was revelation from Heaven and God moved by His Spirit.

I just have to testify that yesterday as I came to a stop at a busy
intersection and the light turned green for me to make my left turn,
the Spirit of God said "no, don't turn yet", I knew without looking
that the danger was coming from the right.  I paused for a few more
seconds and yes indeed, someone came flying through the red
light at 50 mph.  I looked at my friend, in the passenger seat, and
we agreed, now that is the protection of God!   Oh yes, He is
watching over us and is a Protector, a Mighty Shield at all times.

Now back to the Capitol event, the presence of God was evident.
Lt. Governor Brian Calley presented the Proclamation from
Governor Snyder to me, declaring May 1st as a day of prayer for
Michigan.  Prophet Ed Watts spoke about the importance of our
government staying in covenant with Israel. Sr. Pastor Keven Berry,
about for healing and health. Gordon Pennington gave a perspective
and prayed over the media.   Each cultural mountain was prayed
over in agreement.  We prayed for all Senators and House members
that were present.

As Anna Maria Horn sang, "God of the City" at the closing.  There
was a shift, God made me very aware of it and I was in awe and
the fear (reverence) of God was upon me. I said silently to Him
oh God whatever are you doing, I agree with it. Spiritually lightening
bolts into the earth always have great impact of blessing for the earth
and the people.

Now we will continue to keep watching over our cities with
the Lord Jesus Christ and welcome the visitation of God.
No matter what it may look like, we need and welcome His
visitation. Key relationships were strengthened.  New bonds of
friendship were formed, all for the Glory of God and His plans
for our beautiful state people.  We have an incredible number of
leaders in all cultural mountains that love Jesus Christ. Their
relationship with the Lord was very evident by their prayers and
testimonies today. They endured the outward cold, but the fire
inside them was on display for all to see.

Be greatly encouraged, this National Day of Prayer, has made an
eternal difference.

The results, the impact, will be known and reported all across
Michigan and the nation .  The gates are open for awakening.
Watch and see, the Lord is good. His Word endures forever.  All
of your labor in the Lord is not in vain.  Rejoice and receive His

Forge ahead, go through those doors.  This is the year of the
door.  He is opening doors for us. Shake off any weariness and
forge ahead.  He goes out ahead of us!  The King is in the land.

We gathered together with ONE VOICE UNITED IN PRAYER
and I am thankful for each one of you.  He goes out before us in
Kingdom victories.  Shout for the Lord is among us. We are
thankful to the Lord for all that he did in the 100s of prayer
events across our State.


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