Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March 2 Capitol Brunch Update

Our March prayer gathering at the Capitol Building this year. It was a blessed time,
as the presence of the Lord was very apparent. This is what is needed for each of
our meetings, we want to create an environment where the Lord can do what He
wants in our midst.

Our time together began with a corporate blessing, and followed by the brunch.  I
then shared some details about resources for the National Day of Prayer, and this was
followed by beautiful worship lead by Brooke from Gateway.  We received a powerful
message on the importance of prayer, the Word and seeking and knowing the Lord's

This was a wonderful opportunity to meet with others that plan observances in May
and meet with those that have a passion for prayer.  I hope each attendee took
advantage of the time to interact and meet new people.   It is a blessing to hear from
others, that God is using, to advance His Kingdom in the state and in the nation.

The timely message for the State of Michigan and for the Nation delivered by Pastor
Ed Watts from Gateway H.O.P.E. Center in Flint.  His message was on the urgent
need for prayer and to be plumb lined with the Word of God. We must have relationship
with Christ and not just go through religious steps.  We do not want a golden calf
Jesus but a living and vital relationship with Christ.

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