Saturday, March 28, 2015

May 5, 2016 National Day of Prayer - 10 Easy Steps

10 Easy Steps for Hosting a National Day of Prayer Observance in Your Community

  1.  Review the resources at

  2.  Sign up to be an Event Coordinator  at the National 
       website and wait to receive your welcome e-mail.

  3.  Pray and decide on your venue, speakers, music and 
       other  details.

  4.  Invite a few people to help with the tasks. 

  5.  Order program covers from the National website 
       and any other materials needed.  You may or may
       not need to prepare a formal printed program.

 6.  Have your speakers review and sign the 
      Participation Agreement. (If you have speakers
      that you do not know well.)

 7.  Order the Michigan Prayer Guide to distribute at 
      the observance, ask for the PDF and copy.

 8.  Print or order any NDP posters, use social media 
       and get the word out.  You can get them printed.

 9.   Be certain to POST  the observance at the site under Events 
        and select post at the bottom of the page. 
       List your contact info such as, phone and email 

10.  Be specific on your prayer requests and have a team 
        to pray for your observance.

Be intentional to exercise the freedom of religion to pray
at public venues.  God Bless you!  Please call if you need
prayer, I am happy to pray with you.  

Any questions:  Contact Cathy Braun, ph. 517-927-7240

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